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Sapphire Faceting Machine
Made by Arrow Profile Company

This page was originally created when I was selling this machine. The machine is sold but I decided to maintain this page to show what the older Sapphire machine looks like. I was the only owner of this machine since it was new (1972) until I sold it in 2003.

This is a very nice machine for somebody just getting started in faceting. I cut many beautiful stones on this machine. I just installed a brand new motor and new belts. All bearings are in great shape. The idler pulley bearing is brand new. I have basically replaced any moving part with any sign of wear. This machine should give you years of use without any problems. I have installed several custom made items including a Beale/Woolley Depth of Cut Indicator which makes this machine much more accurate. Also included is a custom table tool which will allow you to cut and polish the table without removing the dop from the handpiece. There are no laps included with this sale. Older laps usually have a lot of wear. If you are a new cutter this will cause you many problems that you may not recognize. I highly recommend you start with new laps. You will then be assured that they are flat.

Variable Speed Motor Controls

Platten with centering post I had added.

Head with Beale/Woolley Depth of Cut Indicator I had installed.

Close up of the contact for Beale/Woolley Depth of Cut Indicator.

This is the original Sapphire handpiece that comes with the machine.

I would recommend that the handpiece above be replaced at some point with the one below. The one below will help keep your dop on a true centerline which will cut down on the number of cheater adjustments you will make when cutting and polishing the crown. I will put buyer in contact with the company that makes this new style handpiece. The cost is approximately $65.00. The collet style of the new handpiece will align the dop in the centerline better than the two setscrews of the original equipment. The setscrews may push the dop slightly of center depending on how you tighten them. If you tighten them equally from both sides it will be more accurate than applying more pressure on one screw than the other. That's the big tip to avoid a lot of cheater adjustments using the original handpiece. The collet style always applies equal pressure on the dop. I have another model of the Sapphire machine that I will be using this one on so it will not be included in this sale.

Custom made table tool. This will allow you to cut and polish the table without removing the dop from the handpiece. If you need to go back to the star facets (or any crown facet) your alignment of your dop in the handpiece will be exactly the same as you have not removed it yet. This is far superior to removing the dop from the handpiece and using the conventional 45 degree table tool. A conventional 45 degree table tool is also included.

These are the other accessories that come with the machine. Included is an offset preformer which is not used much with today's meet point designs. Also included are two 64 index gears, one 80 index and one 96 index which is currently on the handpiece. All of the dops pictured are included. The Sapphire transfer block pictured below is also included.

Several people have asked me what the belt sizes are on this machine. The large belt is a Gates Trueflex 0360 and the smaller belt is a Gates Treflex 0190.

New belt inforation 2023. The updated belt name and information is as follows. The short belt is a Gates 2L190 Truflex V-Belt. Top Width: 1/4", Thickness 1/8", Outside Circumference 19.00", Material ID: 8400-0190. The long belt is a Gates 2L360 Truflex V-Belt. Top Width: 1/4", Thickness 1/8", Outside Circumference 36.00", Material ID: 8400-0360.

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